Soldier Steals “Tank”, Takes Police On 60 Mile Chase Across Virginia Streets


A soldier was arrested late Tuesday after he stole an armored personnel carrier – or “tank” as everyone on social media called it during a brief frenzy late on Tuesday night – from Ft. Pickett in Blackstone, Va. and led police on a more than 60-mile, two-hour chase through Virginia that ended in the streets of Richmond, according to NBC 4.

After he got bored with the tank ride, the suspect was taken into custody at around 9:40 pm ET when he abandoned the vehicle and was apprehended by state police near City Hall. The vehicle belongs to the Virginia National Guard.

Police didn’t name the suspect, but said that charges are pending.

The suspect reportedly climbed inside the armored personnel vehicle and drove away from Fort Pickett in Nottoway County beginning at around 7:50 pm ET, police said. Police pursued the man as he drove along Route 460, northbound on Interstate 95 and along Broad Street — a main thoroughfare for traffic in Richmond, Virginia. No injuries or crashes were reported.

It was unclear what the hijacker’s motive was, or whether he was driving the APC drunk.

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