Bilderberg 2018 leaked: Location and agenda

Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić (Влада на Република Македонија/Flickr)

(INTELLIHUB) — American Free Press reporter Mark Anderson says Bilderberg 2018 will likely be taking place June 7-10 in Turin, Italy, based on a leak from Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić’s office staff who posted the information online after she was invited to the yearly business klatch back in January.

Anderson has covered the Bilderberg Group for decades, before the group was brought out of the shadows in 2012, when Intellihub founder Shepard Ambellas, along with Alex Jones, Dan Dicks, and others forced the ultra-secret cabal out into the open with after garnering extensive mainstream coverage on location from Chantilly, Virginia, as seen in the documentary film Shade the Motion Picture (produced by Shepard Ambellas and Jason Bermas).

Anderson confirms the original leak came from the Serbian government.

“I don’t think that they would have any reason to misrepresent where [the meeting] is going to take place,” the reporter explained. “I think they just matter of factually published it — maybe because they were proud she was invited after having contributed to some basic programs at the World Economic Forum.”

Read more at Intellihub

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