What is the Deal With Internet Cats?

Installment 27,843,432

I just queried YouTube with the simple search term “cats,” hoping to watch some kitties do stupid things for a few minutes. The resulting search returned over 80 million videos dating back to the first cat on Youtube. Since no one but those in hell has the time to watch videos of cats that have most likely died, thinning the herd is called for. I applied the filter the see the videos from the past hour and was rewarded with more than 2300 videos with an estimated 200 hours of cat related activity.

Videos of cats. Videos for cats. Videos about stuff for cats. Videos about cat characters, cat games and cat costumes. All in just about every language that has access to the internet.

Out of all the information that the internet puts at our fingertips, why are so many of us drawn to the furry sometime-menace that is the feline? I certainly don’t have the answer for that so I’ll just leave you a video of various cats hunting things. (Do yourself a favor and hit mute.)

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