Q – LARP, PSYOP or Revolution?

Personally, I chalk the Q phenomenon to a very clever LARP, but watching it unfold is a thing to behold. Regardless of origin, the Q influence has sent out ripples that, if nothing else, have been opening the eyes of many that there is a very high probability that the media dominated by a very few corporate parents is probably not telling it like it is.

Live Action Role Playing or LARP is a game in which participants dress up and engage with each other through physical action. A Psyop or Psychological operation is defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary as “military operations usually aimed at influencing the enemy’s state of mind through non-combative means (such as distribution of leaflets)”. Hero’s we’re all familiar with. A great example is Paul Revere who warned his fellow revolutionaries that the British were coming. 

In the dark alleyways of the internet, thousands of people are either playing a LARP, being influenced by a Psyop or collaborating with today’s version of Paul Revere. The phenomenon is called “Q” or “Qanon” and it has been happening on 4chan and 8chan message boards since October of last year. Those involved believe that Q is a highly placed military intelligence official or group of officials that is dropping clues or “crumbs” on the board in order to help anonymous users, called anons to uncover criminal behavior on the part of governments and the elites that control them.

The general consensus on the leaderless, anarchic message board called “Q Resarch” is that Q stands for the highest level Department of Energy military clearance; Q Clearance. Gamers/victims/patriots believe that three years prior to the last election, very senior military officials approached Donald Trump or DJT, as he is known on the thread and asked him to run for President. Participants believe that they asked DJT to run because of the evil nature of those controlling the strings of government, the rampant corruption and the decline of American values. In other words, they asked him to run so that he could help them “drain the swamp”.

The operant theory is that Q asks questions and posts riddles because he is constrained by his security clearance. By asking questions Q drops crumbs which anons research posting their findings back on the board. This research makes up the “dough” of the board. The board maxes out after a certain number of posts and a “baker” collects the dough, identifies notable posts and preserves that sessions posts . The finished product is called a “bread”. The current bread, past breads and other specific topics can be accessed via the board’s catalog. Once in the catalog, click “Q Research General” which is where Q drops his crumbs and where most of the action happens.

Read more at Vulgo Anon


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