Laundromat Lessons: Surprise, Even Kids Can Be Taught About Finance

After showing you what an illiterate enumerate head of state looks like… and how goddam appalling that is, an irate reader was “triggered” and wrote in to suggest I provide answers to problems rather than just profiting from them.

“A greedy capitalist,” I believe, was the terminology used.

Maybe he missed the name of this blog, and probably… no, certainly he’s a moron, so fair enough. You can’t fix stupid, and I’m not here to try.

But today we’ll make an effort to fix a problem.

One problem that glares at us every time we hear from a politician is the complete and total inability to understand basic economics.

And it all starts with eduction, which we all know is horrible, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a Brit, a Kraut, a Yank, go by the name of Ivan, or your President just crowned himself leader for life. It’s all varying shades of urgh!

History is largely not taught, which means kids grow up with bugger all context with which to view what’s happening around them.

Math levels (unless you’re being schooled in Asia and you’re killing it) have been falling for years. Silly concepts like “no child left behind” and many like it, which entail giving Johnny Snotnose a ribbon for turning up and NOT having a tantrum, have infiltrated the system. And don’t even get me started on basic business or economics.

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