An ex-Google employee’s novel set inside a fictional search firm got made into a TV show — and it’s a bacchanal of sex, drugs, and data

  • A former Google employee’s novel about a fictional search company got made into a TV show, called “The Show.”
  • It’s a story of sex, drugs, and the destruction of a data-hungry artificial-intelligence program that can predict human behavior on an unprecedented scale.
  • The author, Filip Syta, says his book is rooted in reality — and that the new TV show is a timely reminder of the dangers of data misuse amid the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

“Did you ever wonder what it’s like to work for a company more popular than God? … It’s f—ing orgasmic.”

Welcome to “The Show,” a new TV show based on a novel of the same name by a former Google employee.

Set inside a fictional search company called The Show, it’s a story of drugs, sex, and data that wouldn’t look out of place on Netflix’s “Black Mirror” — except parts of it are rooted in real experience, according to the author.

“The Show” is streaming on Blackpills, a free app that hosts phone-sized dramas targeted to millennials. And it doesn’t take a Google engineer to work out that it’s something of an allegory of the omniscient power of Silicon Valley.

It follows a human-behavior expert (Nadja Bobyleva) and a coder (Colin Bates) who during their first day at The Show’s plush campus devise a plan to destroy the firm’s top-secret artificial-intelligence program, which is designed to suck up user data and use it to predict human behavior on an unprecedented scale.


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